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NVIDIA does not have authorized access to the developer's build of 3dmark, while ATI (and Extremetech, Beyond3d, etc) does, where they can roam around anywhere even off-center of the actual image displayed.
You think it's not fair because they didn't know they would be caught cheating because they didn't know 3dmark03 had a beta version to catch this type of cheat? Hmm, player cheats at Return to Castle Wolfenstein, gets busted by punkbuster, it's not fair because he didn't know punkbuster had the tools to catch him?

Maybe it wasn't such a good idea for them to storm out of the beta program in a huff.

Futuremark strangely only allows WHQL certified drivers for published online results for their 3dmark program, but they allow overclocked graphics cards and cpu's
Gee, I wonder why? Maybe because Nvidia was fudging the scores by using lower than dx9 standards on dx9 tests with the non-whql drivers? (int12 anyone?)

Nvidia used it's Non-Whql drivers to run below dx9 standards on a dx9 test by forcing integer calculations rather than Floating point which is required. Futuremark sees this and negates their cheating by not allowing non-whql drivers scores which allow this type of cheat. (And let's not forget Image quality WAS affected, seeing you seem so bent on that being a requirement for cheating)

Because Nvida was cheating with non-whql drivers, EVERYBODY now has to use whql drivers to submit a score. They didn't just say Nvidia has to use whql drivers. You are upset with Futuremark for fighting cheating in their benchmark? Of course you are, because it's Nvidia that keeps getting caught. I'm sure if it was ATI getting caught you would have no problem with this. Did you defend trident so much when they got busted cheating 3dmark03 last week? Funny, I saw NOBODY defend trident. Nobody was mad because the article was written about trident cheating. Yet now everyone is mad because ET wrote an article about Nvidia cheating.

As for overclocked cards and cpu's being allowed. Last I checked, the clocks for the cpu, fsb and gpu's memory and core are listed with the benchmark.

[H]OCP talked with ATI privately about the quake/quack driver cheat issue for more than a month before writing their article.
Please show me where you got this piece of information.
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