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Originally Posted by SwedX
BTW Xion. the memory hmm shouldent PC2 8500 mem go for 1066 stock. but if its not stable I will keep thet in mind, thanks!
My FSB is now at 333*4 Quad pumped = 1333 Mhz and you mean that I have to set my ram to half of that = 666 Mhz if I understand it corectly ?
It doesn't have anything to do with a memory problem. Yes, the memory should be able to run at stock speeds, but when you overclock an LGA775 Intel motherboard, it places extra stress on the memory controller that is located in the northbridge. Without getting too technical, while increasing your FSB it often tends to stress the chip to the point of instability. To solve this, you run your RAM at half your FSB and just reduce the timings of the RAM a little in order to compensate for the speed loss.

Run some blend tests in Orthos while surfing the web for a while and see if it freezes up. If it does, then you need to do what I said.

I could never get any of my 680i boards stable w/ an overclock until I did this.

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