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You think it's not fair because they didn't know they would be caught cheating because they didn't know 3dmark03 had a beta version to catch this type of cheat?
Read more carefully what I wrote. If one manufacturer has the developers version of the benchmarking software, don't you think this gives them some type of natural advantage in "optimizing" for this benchmark? Fair or not fair is not the issue. The issue is 3dmark03 normalization and use as an "accurate" benchmarking tool.

Gee, I wonder why? Maybe because Nvidia was fudging the scores by using lower than dx9 standards on dx9 tests with the non-whql drivers? (int12 anyone?)
The current Detonator FX drivers are WHQL certified and they show an improvement in image quality and performance for a wide variety of gaming benchmark programs (including 3dmark03). WHQL is a certification, it's not a test of graphics quality.

You are upset with Futuremark for fighting cheating in their benchmark? Of course you are, because it's Nvidia that keeps getting caught. I'm sure if it was ATI getting caught you would have no problem with this.
That a BS assumption. I have already said that, whether NVIDIA or ATI, if they can enhance performance without compromising image quality of what we actually see, then all the better.

Did you defend trident so much when they got busted cheating 3dmark03 last week?
I don't live on the forums and read every news story, so I wasn't even aware of this. What did they do to cheat, and how exactly did it impact the visuals on 3dmark03? It seems that you are more interested in making accusations instead of discussing in a reasonable and rational fashion.

As for overclocked cards and cpu's being allowed. Last I checked, the clocks for the cpu, fsb and gpu's memory and core are listed with the benchmark.
Of course it is listed (just as they list driver version number) but these results can still be officially used in their online results browser.

Please show me where you got this piece of information.
Go to the [H]OCP forums and do some reading (or talk to the owners of that website). The info is there.
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