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Default Re: Played Everquest 2 for the first time...

Originally Posted by gulizard
First of all I am not an MMORPG player to begin with. So do not call me an EQ2 Snob because I can't even get that game to run right. WoW is a little kiddies game. The majority that play it are amused by Chuck Norris jokes, and the discussion of their favorite actors sexuality? I have played WoW and the community is horrible sorry to tell you that. Its a good game, its easy but its a good game. People who play it however think they are bad ass because they have a level 60 character in it.. They really believe they are that awesome.
I played both and hated the community in both for different reasons. WoW was immature with the people who were in chat but most people were helpfull on the horde side. The alliance side is a joke. EQ2 was full of literal assholes. They treated the game as if it were real or at the least a job. They were just as nasty, immature and annoying.

WRT them thinking they are bad ass, some are. You can only compare the skill of the players with in the game they are playing. To say EQ2 players are better players is silly. The PVP in WoW is great.

What I did in both games is turn off the global chats. Problem solved. The games became fun.

So no I am not hating on any game in-general but if I had to pick a MMORPG it'd be Lineage 2, and maybe EQ2 if I could get it to run right. A WoW player wouldn't last 30 minutes in EQ 1 though. I prefer FPS anyway.
WoW players wouldn't last 30 minutes in EQ1 because the game is such crap. I hated it with a passion. It is the only game I know that punishes you for advancing through the game. IF you ever had the misfortue of binding your self near a city, good luck in ever getting back to your body. Friking spawn campers.
Has anyone figured out how to get the game to actually run smoothly on the 8800.. Someone said they get 45 FPS with everything maxed out. I hardly believe that..
I got it to work the best when I uninstalled it.
The game looks good granted, but to run like that nah it shouldn't tax a system that bad. Its almost as bad as Vanguard, except Vanguard looks like ass.
Vanguard is sad. It is the second worst running game I have ever played. The first would be Battlefield 2142. I kinda liked Vanguard but I don't play it any more. It just ran to poorly
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