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Originally posted by jimmyjames123
Remember we are only talking about a benchmark that many people feel is not representative of real-world gaming performance, and we are talking about an issue that doesn't actually affect image quality in what we can normally see. The FX Detonator 44.03 drivers have shown significant improvements in image quality and performance for a wide variety of gaming benchmarks for the FX cards.
No, we're talking about a set of drivers that contain several ways of cheating the most prominent synthetic graphics benchmark, one that some OEMs make their purchasing decisions solely on. Worse yet, the nature of one of these cheats is such that the company in question had at least one of their software engineers take the time to analyze the benchmark frame by frame and then manually insert clip planes into each frame.

Based on the above, all scores rendered using the 44.03 drivers should be considered void, at least until proven to not be tampering with anything beyond 3DMark.

To quote Tech-Report:

These revelations, however, do not surprise us in any grand way. NVIDIA has always been, top to bottom, ambitious to a fault. Intentional deception of the press, the enthusiast community, add-in board partners, consumers and shareholders with these kinds of tricks is nothing less than what we'd expect from the company. I'm sorry, but if they do not like us writing such things about them, then they should stop behaving as they do.
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