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I haven't seen this "wide variety of gaming benchmark boosts".
Do a google search. There are at least one or two out there.

Is it only Nvidia that can't submit non-whql scores? Because of Nvidia EVERYONE has to use whql drivers to submit a score. How is this unfair to Nvidia? Does Nvidia not make whql drivers just like everyone else?
Actually, it is because of Futuremark that EVERYONE has to use WHQL drivers. And the current Detonator FX 44.03 is WHQL certified for FX cards. So what's the big deal?

Are only SOME cards allowed to submit overclocked scores? Last I checked EVERYONE was allowed to submit overclocked scores. How is this unfair to Nvidia?
Fair or not fair is not the point. The issue is normalization and "accuracy" of a supposedly neutral benchmark. The whole idea behind WHQL was normalization presumably. If you are going to allow overclocked scores, that helps undercut this goal. The cards that overclock better will have the natural advantage. It is a inconsistently on FM's part, that's all.

You said they talked to ATI privately for a month about this before going public with it. You show me where they said this. You won't be able to show me this.
You are completely full of it. I read it at [H]OCP, from Kyle's very own mouth! Why don't you email Kyle about it? I'm not going to search through a ridiculously large thread just to satisfy your tastes.
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