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I still just don't get that one. It's like saying that a race isn't fair because all the cars use different engines & transmissions, while the "optimizations" are flat-out changing the track one car is driving on.
It's not that difficult a concept really. Your analogy if flawed because what we actually see from 3dmark is not corrupted at all with the FX driver, so in that sense they really are "driving on the same track" (although maybe they are skipping a behind-the-scenes pit stop). If Futuremark excludes non-WHQL results from their database in an effort for more normalization, then it's really inconsistent to include overclocked results, especially since overclocked results can skew the data much more than WHQL certification.

I don't deny I'm enjoying nVidia's getting busted, they've been full of hubris for way too long and it's damned refreshing to see 'em suffer for it now.
I'd say there is a problem if you think it is "damned refershing" that any company that provides good products for the consumer should be suffering. Still, it's not very appropriate to bring that attitude to a NVIDIA forum IMHO.

nVidia has been flat-out lying to the consumer lately and YES that honks me off! VERY much so, I find it reprehensible.
I'd say that the Detonator FX 44.03 drivers should be very welcome by FX card owners. Almost without exception, they have increased image quality and performance across the board. This is certainly much more important to a gamer than what happens in a synthetic benchmark.
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