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Originally posted by jimmyjames123
Do a google search. There are at least one or two out there.

Actually, it is because of Futuremark that EVERYONE has to use WHQL drivers. And the current Detonator FX 44.03 is WHQL certified for FX cards. So what's the big deal?

Fair or not fair is not the point. The issue is normalization and "accuracy" of a supposedly neutral benchmark. The whole idea behind WHQL was normalization presumably. If you are going to allow overclocked scores, that helps undercut this goal. The cards that overclock better will have the natural advantage. It is a inconsistently on FM's part, that's all.

You are completely full of it. I read it at [H]OCP, from Kyle's very own mouth! Why don't you email Kyle about it? I'm not going to search through a ridiculously large thread just to satisfy your tastes.
let me get this straight... you are saying BECAUSE someone can overclock a card... it makes that cards score invalid ?

what is the logic behind this ?

there is a HUGE difference between a WHQL/non-WHQL driver submission and submission of results based on overclocking... and I fail to see ANY correlation between the two based on your arguments...

also... yes kyle did say he had discussions with ATi officials for 1 month before going public with the quake/quack information... and yet.. he went public word for word with what nvidia had given him incl usage of their program to an extent to identify the mipmap patterns to show what was going on...

btw... futuremark is not forcing video card makers to release WHQL drivers

isn't it m$ that certifies these drivers... hence is it not m$ pushing for a certain level of quality and compatability...

futuremarks demands for WHQL drivers is based on the fact that it then becomes harder for a set of drivers to be released solely for the purpose of benchmarking since it will have to WORK in everyday situations as well... the intentions are good and that is a plus...
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