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Originally posted by jjjayb
Exactly. What's the bid deal with having to use whql drivers? Except that the non-whql drives you want used lower precision below dx9 standards.

Posted by Kyle on his Radeon 8500 review on Friday, October 19th, 2001 in his 8500 review:

This is also where he first discusses quack:

So tell me, who is full of it? You can dig through the Hardocp forums all you want and you will never find what you claim to be there. It only exists in your head. The only one full of it here is you.
if you go through hardOCP you will find kyle or frgmaster... whatever floats his boat... did actually come out and say he had been in discussion with ATi for about a month...

of course he has said this within the past week and there was no prior notification of any transactions between [H] and ati that I am aware of or have read online... which probably explains your disbelief @ this... but having read this myself I can assure you that kimmy is not making THIS up...
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