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Originally posted by jimmyjames123
Well duh this isn't too complicated to understand. And there are people who feel that such timedemo's are not a great benchmarking tool because they can be susceptible to such "optimizations" (say it three times please).

We don't know what has happened in UT2003 timedemos, so we can't say one way or another. I think I read somewhere that timedemo's change every time you run them, is this true? This certainly doesn't invalidate all the other true gaming benchmark's though (like Doom 3, Quake 3, etc).
how come you and so many other people keep bringing up doom3 as a valid benchmarking tool when A it has not been released publicly and only had a 'trial' run along with teh nv35's release in order to validate nvidia's claims of superior doom3 performance... (good marketing btw)

and B... the game has not officially been released... ergo the benchmark also not officially released... hence how can IT be considered a valid benchmarking tool if the released product was tested by only one IHV ?

quake 3 I will concur... it is valid... though dated... but if everyone is gettin 300-400 fps... I mean does it really make a difference anymore ?
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