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Yet since this driver set contains at least two cheats that we know of, how can we be sure they don't contain more? The answer? Until more testing is done, we don't. So in the meantime I think it safe to not put too much stock in a driver set that contains an as-yet-undetermined # of cheats.
That type of logic doesn't really make sense. You are telling me that, because we think their is an "optimization" for 3dmark03 in the Detonator FX drivers, that we should disregard all other results? That is just silly.

If you have to ask this you should be reading a Harry Potter book instead of arguing your illogical points in this thread. If a timedemo changed after every run, what would be the point of using it??
Trying to make insulting comments will not bolster your credibility. There are people (even professional reviewers) who seem to have some potential issues with timedemos ([H]OCP is one I believe). That is the point.

OK, I've wasted enough of my time with this thread.
The only person to blame is yourself.
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