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It's really not that hard to understand. It's a question of normalization. FM only wants WHQL results in an attempt to normalize things.
They did not remove Non-Whql scores until AFTER Nvidia got caught lowering precision to achieve a higher score.
It's not a question of "normalization" it is a question of preventing this type of cheating.

No sir, you have proven again that you are full of it. Read Sazar's comments above to verify that [H]OCP did indeed wait for at least a month and talk to ATI repeatedly before releasing their findings.
If he did indeed say this it seems kind of Odd that Kyle could be in talks with ATI for a month about their findings on the 8500 card optimizations when Kyle did not have an 8500 until 3 days before he broke the story. It doesn't add up. I can't blame you for repeating what he said though.
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