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Question bios memory timings edit FX5200

I do wonder if anyone can tell me, how to edit the settings and what to they mean:

There is just a long line of numbers... so... I see they are different for 3D and 2D (+the 3D power save mode...):


But how to change them? Where to start? How they mean?
In the "Jimmors Guide to Modifying BIOS of NVIDIA FX59xxx Series VGA Card":
Are they reversed (as to what they appear in NiBiTor) but still a little is said about them.

Typical for 5900nu is "040205150017000E000707030403", witch somewhat very closely resemble what I see in NiBiTor and it is not even reversed...?

040205150017000E000707030403 - 5900nu
0404070705000A00120010050304 - 5200

But how it is divided? And what do the divisions stand for?
I want to loosen them a little bit more for a test...
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