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Default Re: FTP latest.txt not updated

Originally Posted by netllama
Thanks for pointing this out. I'll talk to our IT group about getting this taken care of.

Tell IT about too.
The new text layout is better, but beginner users still will not understand which driver is right for them. Little note about supported family of GPUs below each driver family would be great:

Linux IA32
Latest Version: 1.0-9755
For: Geforce FX/Quadro FX/Geforce 6xxx/Geforce 7xxx/Geforce 8xxx
and later

Latest Legacy GPU version (1.0-96xx series): 1.0-9631
For: Geforce 2MX/Geforce 3/Geforce 4 Ti/Geforce 4MX

Latest Legacy GPU version (1.0-71xx series): 1.0-7185
For: Riva TNT/Vanta/Geforce 1/Geforce 2
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