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Default Re: Re: My thoughts on "Optimization"

Originally posted by Nv40
exactly.. well said.

I would like that [NVNEWS] post (jimmyjames123) summarry of the current the front page of this site ,it is very important that every gamer outhere knows about those facts ,and let them judge if what Nvidia have done is ok for them or not. because i see frequently post here and there off people that doesnt have a clue of how this "cheat" or "optimization" is any diferent to what ATI and NVIDIA does in games to get best performance wihout the decrease in IQ.
why am I not suprised that you agree with these 'facts'

one point... to contradict a FACT...

the doom3 benchmark scenes were changed by ID... the benchmark itself was not changed... ie the engine and everything else remained the same...

ID's reasons for this were that they felt the scenes nvidia had recorded showed their product in a better light than what was expected... again... ID did not change the BENCHMARK... they changed the scenes used... AFAIK...

here btw is futuremark's response to nvidia's accusations...

I think perhaps both you and jimmy should have a read as to the reasonings given...

note : if it were NOT for 3dmark and tests like it... we would not have an idea of HOW teh gf FX nv30's architecture was organised... we would all still be running round saying its an 8x1 setup... instead of what it really is..
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