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Originally posted by jimmyjames123
There is no indication that the majority of the data is cut out. There is simply no way to say how much of a boost is given.

Since when is there a handbook on the intent of a benchmark? We already know that both NVIDIA and ATI both optimize for this benchmark, and we know that ATI has access to the developer's version of this benchmark. And obviously Futuremark's intent is not the same as NVIDIA or ATI. NVIDIA (and ATI) wants the benchmark to be as fast and as smooth as possible on their cards without corrupting image quality that we can see.
apparently it is not so obvious... else there would be far fewer people in these forums questioning the content of your posts

the point is yes... make the benchmarks as FAST as possible... but if you alter the way the benchmark itself is working... that is no longer 'optimizing'

that is what everyone has been trying to tell you... and to an extent... nv40... but that basic point is not being picked up

this PRODUCT (3dmark03) works in a particular manner... IF the way it works is tampered with.. it is NOT 'optimizing'

on the other hand if nvidia or ati or anyone else find a way to improve performance through more efficient driver optimizations WITHOUT altering teh way 3dmark03 works... then great.. thats legit...

futuremark designed the benchmark in a specific manner... READ the whitepaper and see what they stated.. and read the link I provided above for a response to what nvidia alleged...

the amount the cheats are boosting scores may not be known but the fact that there is a boost is not disputed I take it
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