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Default Java help..again

So this week I get: create a compile.bat file to compile and run your java packages...yeah right. No one in this "Intro" class has any clue as what to what the command line should be and our wonderful instructor is about as available as Jimmy Hoffa.

Heres my directory:





here are my directions:

Navigate to your src directory
From the projects directory compile the sample application with the compile.bat file with the following line:
"compile java111/project5/"
Run the application from the projects directory with this command:
"runjava java111.project5.PackageExercise"

I understand that I need to create a command line in jEdit and save it as a .bat file and then open the command prompt window and "cd c:\projects\src" but I have no clue as how to construct the compile.bat as to perform those actions.

Our instructor is most definitely very knowledgeable when it comes to java, he unfortunately doesn't seem to understand none of us in this class have any idea how this stuff works...thus we're paying for this class!!!

Any help would be much appreciated.


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