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Default Re: Re: Re: My thoughts on "Optimization"

Originally posted by Sazar
one point... to contradict a FACT...

the doom3 benchmark scenes were changed by ID... the benchmark itself was not changed... ie the engine and everything else remained the same...

ID's reasons for this were that they felt the scenes nvidia had recorded showed their product in a better light than what was expected... again... ID did not change the BENCHMARK... they changed the scenes used... AFAIK...

its not needed here the semantics ,the point is Doom3 benchamrks
were correct....we have J.C word that they represent an accurate
benchmark of the FInal game. however is it true that the game is far
from be FInal . THere are more levels and single player missions to be done, but the engine is finished.

Means that ATI cards have an oportunity to score much better in the final game ,but not because the game is not final ,but because ATI like any other IHV can improve their drivers.
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