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Default Re: 1920x1080i ModeLine = "No Valid Mode" for GeForce 6600GT and Pioneer PDP-4270HD

Originally Posted by pe1chl
But I think your modeline is not correct either, when you want a 1080 pixel vertical resolution, it looks like the corrupted EDID returned by some TVs.
You better use the modeline that appears in your first posting in this thread.

The modeline he is using is not corrupted. It is the correct modeline. The problem is that the driver doesn't use it properly and you have to double the vertical timings to *work around a driver bug*. In other words, your recommendation is sound, but the reasoning was faulty. :-) I think it's important to mention that this is a workaround so people don't think this is the way "things are supposed to be". There is a bug in the nvidia driver wrt 1080 interlaced over DVI.
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