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apparently it is not so obvious... else there would be far fewer people in these forums questioning the content of your posts
A handful of people no doubt! Can you believe it?

the point is yes... make the benchmarks as FAST as possible... but if you alter the way the benchmark itself is working... that is no longer 'optimizing'. that is what everyone has been trying to tell you... and to an extent... nv40... but that basic point is not being picked up
No, that point is clear. That is how Futuremark would want it to be "optimized". However, NVIDIA clearly wants to optimize so that image quality and speed are as high as possible. They have not sacraficed any image quality with this Detonator FX driver, and what we can actually see is not corrupted at all. Also, NVIDIA does not have authorized access to the developers version. Wouldn't this give ATI a natural advantage in what is supposed to be a "neutral" benchmark? Maybe this whole clipping issue highlights a major fault in using 3dmark03 for direct comparisons? Who really knows.

At this point, I think we'll just have to agree to disagree.
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