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Default Re: Re: Re: Re: My thoughts on "Optimization"

Originally posted by Clockwork
[b]Indeed. Some people choose to forget that nVidia already had their own demo prepared before id told them they they couldn't use it. One can assume most of the optimizations made for that demo were still completely applicable to the demo id ended up providing....

Why can't people understand that?
speculations are not facts... facts are not speculations.
WHat Nvidia have done in 3dmark 2003 cannot be done in Doom3.
unless you think JC can be fooled , and cannot be trusted ,
its is ridiculous to think that bechmarks are not representative of
what will happen if the game is released today.

Do you think is impossible to score higher than a radeon9800pro?
a cards like the NV35 with higher core/clock memory and more bandwidht? wake up ,to the reality world.. ATI doesnt have the
fastest card anymore . of course that will not last forever , there will be an R360 and later and Nv40,later R400. is that hard to undertand this for you?

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