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Default Re: 3DMark performance difference in Vista

Originally Posted by DHP
Vista itself runs a little "heavier" so I guess its normal that in 3D the performance drops a little. Vista uses more resources and is running (a lot) more processes in the background.

Edit; I think its not Vista thats incompatible with games; I think the old games itself are incompatible with vista. I think DX10 games will run a lot better because they are devved for Vista and DX10.
Well consider this:

Linux which has been out for years still runs many of the applications as it did years ago, even more effectively.

Windows which has been out near enough the same time as Linux, yet it doesn't even run software well from only a few years back (98, etc)

Face it, Microsoft sucks and Windows XP has been their best operating system to date. Now, when XP was first released I thought it was junk too, but shortly afterwards Service Packs were released and it impressed me and I love it to date.

Until Vista proves me otherwise, I will stand firm by my opinion, and a lot of my friends also value my opinion when it comes to anything PC-wise (none of them have as an extensive knowledge as me).

Microsoft really needs to pull up their act, people don't want everything located inside Control Panel and people don't want millions of popups saying this program wants to run, or you don't have enough permissions to move folders around inside Program Files (even though you're an Administrator).

I currently work as an IT Support Officer for the NHS, and I think that our calls will TRIPLE when the NHS migrates to Vista.

That is all.
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