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Default Re: Need some info! (First time with Intel in a long time!)

Check it out: if you're new to Intel, just know that Intel chips use an electrical interface known as the Front Side Bus. This interface provides a gateway for communication between the CPU and the memory controller located in the northbridge chip.

What difference does this make when coming from AMD? it means that you MUST lock your front side bus and memory ratio to at least 1:1. That's really it. Your memory needs to be operating 2 times as fast as the CPU's FSB in order to match the CPU's L2 bandwidth.

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
Also whats the "safe" Temps for stock cooling? I haven't invested in an aftermarket cooler yet.
Let's start with temperature first. At full load, ideally, you don't want to push over 60*C. (it's rated up to 85*C, but conventionally, we want a long life for your chip) With stock cooler, that will be around 1.4 vcore IIRC it's been a while since I've used that piece of crap .

At first, I suggest bumping up vcore to 1.4. Increase the front side bus by increments, (just jump right to 1333 QDR [333 bus]) and then checking if your system boots.
If it boots into Windows, keep increasing the FSB until it DOES NOT boot. Then back down, let it boot, and then run a quick 1meg PI test.
If it passes a PI test, then go right for 24 hr Orthos test while monitoring your temperature (use iTAT or CoreTemp).

Another concern would be, I read that RAM ratios are really bad on Core 2s. Any truth to that?
Nope. There's no such thing as a "bad" ram ratio. Leave it at 1:1 or you will flood your CPU's fsb. (say, if your FSB is 266 (1066 QDR) stock, then you want your RAM at 533; if you bump it up to 333 (1333) then you want your RAM at 667.)

Leave all other voltages alone for now. Report back here after a day and I can help you further.
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