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Of course folks like to brag about their scores....
They like competition, and most geeks either can't play sports, or are too old ,young or for some other reason unable to do so.
Computer games and benchies give them an outlet to compete.

I still think it is a valid tool to determine performance, as long as the WORKLOAD stays what it should be, and the frames are rendered correctly visually ( what you can see, but NOT at the expense of less workload).

I've spent hours tweaking my system to get high benchies, as I am now too old to play sports ( and I miss them ) competitively.
And I am a competitive person, so I enjoyed the competition a bit....... I need new gear though, so I am not doing any benching these days... thats what happens when you are laid off for awhile, and savings ned to be used elsewhere.... like survival!! heheh.
I see nothing wrong with folks doing what makes them happy, as long as it is not affecting others in a negative way.

I may think folks are strange for some of the stuff they do, but I say whatever floats ya boat.

Edit. man my spelling is atrocious, even moreso than normal.
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