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Originally posted by jimmyjames123
Well I disagree, I don't think it's so concrete. Also, what Futuremark hopes for and what NVIDIA hopes for are two very different things. NVIDIA wants to run the benchmark as fast and as smooth as possible without corrupting image quality that we actually see.

That is silly. Anyone can read the reviews and see the dramatic improvements in IQ and performance virtually across the board for the FX cards using the newest Detonator FX driver.

If NVIDIA can increase speed without corrupting image quality that we see, I would generally say that is a good thing (and it looks like NVIDIA actually improved image quality with this new driver). From Futuremark's or ATI's perspective, obvious they wouldn't consider it a good thing. Depends on what frame of reference you use. I think the FX Detonator driver is a very good thing for FX owners, and they should be very happy that both image quality and frames per second have improved.
I'll try to take a different approach to this, hopefully I'll get through. 3DMark03 is not a game, it is a benchmark. The object of a benchmark or rather this particular benchmark is to formulate an idea of performance from comparisons. These comparisons are to be executed in the same manner across varying platforms and thus if a set scene is to be rendered it must be rendered in the same manner on each platform.

When you effectively alter what is being rendered then you effectively invalidate the score that is produced. That score in no shape or form can be used for any kind of comparison, with the possible exception of comparisons between cards that are altered in the same manner. In this specific context, when you change the rules you are effectively doing something of which the term for it escapes me at the moment .
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