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Default Re: Need some info! (First time with Intel in a long time!)

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
Man I hate Asus, I can't boot with 1:1 setting with their bios
It has nothing to do with ASUS bro. It is a lame BIOS mystery in some Phoenix/Award systems.

The front side bus is 266, the rated speed of your CPU's front side bus is 1066. (Conroes use quad data rate; the data is read on the top and bottom of the sine wave, and also as the wave passes through "point zero." For your memory, (double data rate,) your bus will still be 266, but memory will be rated 533.)

but if I set it to "sync" it boots...
Correct "Sync" means true 1:1 ratio.

"1:1" under BIOS is NOT the same as 1:1 FSB/memory. it will lock your memory to exactly what your rated bus speed is. if you had your CPU stock, then "1:1" under BIOS would be 1066 ram speed with 2.4 GHz CPU. That is a 1:2 ratio! Very strenuous on the memory controller; extra logic is required for buffering of all that useless bandwidth.

to be honest, I have no idea what crackhead called that 1:1, but it's not the same as "sync."

"Sync" is what you're after. It evens out the L2 cache and the memory frequency so you do not flood the CPU's front side bus.

Side note: your memory is 800 MHz stock, so that will net you an easy OC of 3.6 GHz, without having to adjust vdimm
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