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Default Re: 1920x1080i ModeLine = "No Valid Mode" for GeForce 6600GT and Pioneer PDP-4270HD

We are soooooo close!

When I entered the option correctly and changed the ModeLine back to what I was using before, it didn't work. So then I wanted to see why it didn't work so I ran:

sudo startx -- -logverbose 6
And poof! It worked!

But what the heck is going on that makes it only work when I start X using the above startx command. I cannot use
sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart
. I also tried a reboot, but still nada. The only way I can make it go is by running startx!

I am using Ubuntu, so I have not root, but I can get 1080i by running
sudo startx

Any ideas?
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