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in 3danimations /and Games STATIC planes/backgrounds doesnt need to be rendered a million of times *if they never change *, REndering only what it is in motion IS a very efficient way of saving time in Rendering ,
because the IQ is not lost .doing the opposite is extremely inneficient ,bad animation or programming.

for the people that answer me with "But 3dmark is not a game........."
go to my previous post..

the line between optimizations and cheatings are close , and we can spend *years* here discussing what is a cheat or what is not.. without agreeing in anything. 3dmark is a diferent story because is not a game , and we need to study carefully what the RUles of 3dmark are , and how fair or unfair they are for one card of another. in my opinion if the gamer will not notice a decrease in IQ , between X and Y card , any Hack/optimization/or cheat that doesnt decreae the IQ and give a better experience to the gamer is valid.

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