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Default Re: P5W DH : Voltage Regulator heat sink.

water is good I just completed the mod as discussed in this thread. dremmeled off the northbridge heatsink as shown in the pic, leaving the piece passively cooling the mosfets. got the danger den 975x intel chipset waterblock. i'm now able to increase the mch/northbride voltage from default 1.55 to max 1.85 stable. before it wouldn't operate stable anything over default. the northbridge heatsink was hot as hell. had incredible heat buildup inside the case. my fsb is 412 since my processor e6600 is multi locked at 9 and hits a wall at 3.7, no matter what voltage or loosing the mem timings. I'm sure the fsb on the mobo can go up much higher with the mch at 1.85. Anything over 390 before was very unstable due to 1.55 mch volts. increasing volts created lots of heat, which would result in crash. no more with H2O.
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