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Originally posted by muzz
The funniest part about this 3DMark issue with Jimmyjames is this....

The image quality went up even in 3DMark03....

So What? The image quality of that Bench is just a means to the end, that bench is NOT REALLY about image quality now is it ( it IS supposed to look nice, and show a bit of tommorrows technology, but NOT the MAIN [<<<<---did you get that]FOCUS.
The MAIN focus of that bench is to show what the card is capable of, render SPEED is one of the MAIN [ooops there it is again.... DOH!] functions of it.

There is alot of $ riding on that stupid benchmark, but it is what it is, which is a tool to figure out if card A can render all these things CORRECTLY ( visually), and HOW LONG does it take to do it... PERIOD.
Like it or not, that is the reason that bench exists, and making something NOT render the EXPECTED WORKLOAD ( that is the benchmarks decision, not the manufacturers) invalidates the scores ( call it whatever ya like).

Think what ya feel ya have to.

I like this summary of it. It's a benchmark, not a game. It ain't for measuring gaming performance, it measures how how long it takes a card to complete a series of renderings, not rendering it all is cheating.
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