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Default Re: Need some info! (First time with Intel in a long time!)

Originally Posted by mullet
Could you elaborate more on this, I don't understand flooding the CPU's FSB? I am running 500x7 3.5Ghz with 2000FSB and mem @ 1000 1:1, is my FSB to high?
[Edited because I'm stupid]

You're fine, Mullet--unless you want to try running a lower FSB. I kept my FSB @ 500 with a 1:1 ratio on my ram at 1000mHz and it was 100% stable, but looking back on it now I might've tried running a lower FSB for longevity's sake with a higher multiplier. Running a 500FSB constantly has to tax the board a little.

But Ben's right about the Intels. They have a hard time reaching 100% stability w/ a heavy overclock with anything other than a 1:1 FSB/RAM ratio.

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