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Default Re: Need some info! (First time with Intel in a long time!)

Sorry, forget what I said. I went back and edited my post. Even I'm getting confused, and I've done this all before plenty of times.

You're running a 1:1 ratio right now, which is probably why it's stable. My P5B Deluxe was always stable at the settings you have yours at. For some reason I was thinking that I ran my RAM out of sync with that board, but that's not the case. It was always set at a 1:1.

So Ben's probably right not only about SLI boards but non-SLI boards as well. Probably just has to do with the memory controller in the northbridge as opposed to AMDs being on-die, like he said.

Ben, when'd you get so damn smart, bro? You're talking this stuff up like a computer engineer. Is that what your major is?

Dude's only 19 years old and he sounds like a pro already. I wish I'd started messing around with all this stuff when I was his age. It took me too long to get into this business.

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