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Originally posted by Nv40
in 3danimations /and Games STATIC planes/backgrounds doesnt need to be rendered a million of times *if they never change *, REndering only what it is in motion IS a very efficient way of saving time in Rendering ,
because the IQ is not lost .doing the opposite is extremely inneficient ,bad animation or programming.

for the people that answer me with "But 3dmark is not a game........."
go to my previous post..

the line between optimizations and cheatings are close , and we can spend *years* here discussing what is a cheat or what is not.. without agreeing in anything. 3dmark is a diferent story because is not a game , and we need to study carefully what the RUles of 3dmark are , and how fair or unfair they are for one card of another. in my opinion if the gamer will not notice a decrease in IQ , between X and Y card , any Hack/optimization/or cheat that doesnt decreae the IQ and give a better experience to the gamer is valid.
OK if you say so..... reduce the workload of a card running the defacto benchmark to make the scores jump artificially......

If you say so.
I'm done with this utter nonsense, as it seems no matter what folks say in regards to this, there are others who just either don't get it, or think everything is just hunk-dory the way things stand.
Sad I tell ya.

I'm out
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