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in 3danimations /and Games STATIC planes/backgrounds doesnt need to be rendered a million of times *if they never change *, REndering only what it is in motion IS a very efficient of saving time in Rendering ,doing
You are one hundred percent correct. If you can increase the speeds by not rendering what is not necessary that is a good thing. That is what occlusion culling is all about. This is done on the fly by videocards every day.

BUT, and this is a very big BUT, you need to be able to do that on the fly. If your drivers can tell what does not need to be shown by what the program tells it, that is great. If you have to manually go in and tell the drivers "in this specific benchmark the camera moves here, then here, then here, then stops, don't render anything else". That is cheating.

Once again because some of you just don't seem to get it yet. By preprogramming the drivers to ingore parts of the test because you have studied the test beforehand and tell the drivers exactly where the camera is going to go in a specific benchmark that is CHEATING. There is no other way to put it. It is NOT an optimization.

If I go in and take a test with the answers written on my hand that is considered cheating. This amounts to the same thing.
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