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Originally posted by Nv40
ANd what tells you that ATI is not doing the same thing?
they already know the answers of what its going to happen ,maybe not using the camera rail path ,but using another technique?

what you dont realialize is that KNOWING what is going to be rendering
ahead of time , is part of the strategy of NVidia and ATI for optimizations in
that benchamark and in all games .
comparisons between ati rendered images and the default dx9 spec EXPECTED images show them to be basically the same thing... hence precision is to dx9 spec... off rail shows ati is rendering scenes as expected...

is there something else they may be doing you reckon ? I would love to hear this... since the normal method of defence here on your part implies that ati is doing something shady and so is futuremark and nvidia is the poor innocent victim which was FORCED to cheat in order to compete in this ruthless benchmark that was devised by the devil (futuremark) ... no matter than the devils little brother (ati of course) appears to be performing AS EXPECTED and meeting the specs set forth in the dx9 API...

please... do keep going... I am very interested to see where your speculation leads since we know a) ati is doing things correctly per tests conducted... b) nvidia is NOT doing things correctly per tests conducted...

I eagerly await your intuitive and technically correct response which vindicates nvidia and shows them infact to be the victims of a terrible industry wide conspiracy by which TSMC and samsung conspired with ati and futuremark and certain implanted members of nvidia's engineering team to produce products that initially did not live up to the hype and when they were 'fixed' for the most part it was then decided that the fixes were not enough... their benchmarks needed to be sabotaged...

/me pats himself on the back for getting creative here
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