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Cheating is for losers!!!
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Originally posted by Nv40
ANd what tells you that ATI is not doing the same thing?
they already know the answers of what its going to happen ,maybe not using the camera rail path ,but using another technique?
We don't know that ATI is not cheating. In 3dmark 2003 when you go "off rail" the ATI card displays correctly.

WE DO know that nvidia is cheating because in the same situation the clip planes are visible and the image is NOT displayed correctly.

Originally posted by Nv40
what you dont realialize is that KNOWING what is going to be rendering
ahead of time , is part of the strategy of NVidia and ATI for optimizations in
that benchamark and in all games .
In a fixed rail demo it is possible to know what will be rendered next, that is exactly how Nvidia is cheating. In a fluid game situation it would be impossible to know what will need to be rendered next so there is no way to do this.
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