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Default Re: Xorg will not start with nVidia glx module

EDIT: the following does not actually "solve" my problem... i've found that it merely installs the MESA glx module over the nVidia one. The module loads, but direct rendering is unavailable with this module. Reinstalling nvidia-driver still causes the same error as mentioned above.

My apologies. I seem to have solved my own problem. I had added
to my /etc/make.conf file after I had built xorg. I then ran
portmanager -l -u -p
under the false understanding that it might rebuild all packages that were altered by this new flag. Running
portmanager x11/xorg -l -f -p
rebuilt all of xorg and it's dependencies, which solved my problem.

I suppose this brings up a new question with regards to FreeBSD. In Gentoo, if I add a USE flag to my /etc/make.conf file, I can have portage check my entire system and rebuild any packages are altered by the addition of this flag with
emerge --update --deep --newuse world
and then use
to rebuild all packages that might have been broken by this upgrade. Is there anything similar in FreeBSD for managing ports? I seem to find myself struggling with managing the configure options for packages since FreeBSD does not have a fixed set of USE flags that I can easily track.
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