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Originally posted by Clockwork
Please tell me this isn't going to be your new argument?

DOnt miss cuote me..

You can only cheat if you agree with the rules of a contest_and later you
break them ... Since Nvidia already told they dont agreed with the rules
of 3dmark for X ,Y,Z reasons , and WARNS WEBS SITES to not use the bechmark ,because it does-not represent the real performance of Nvidia cards. WHo is misleading here the public? is that clear?

if i tell you DONT DO THIS!!! .. but you do it , then is your problem.

and there is already many post by me.. about why i think 3dmark
is not doing what people say it does. just enter the BIG tread of 3dmark2003 and re-read all my posts again ,im tired of repetitions

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