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Default Re: bios memory timings edit FX5200

Originally Posted by trodas
I do wonder if anyone can tell me, how to edit the settings and what to they mean:

There is just a long line of numbers... so... I see they are different for 3D and 2D (+the 3D power save mode...):


But how to change them? Where to start? How they mean?
In the "Jimmors Guide to Modifying BIOS of NVIDIA FX59xxx Series VGA Card":
Are they reversed (as to what they appear in NiBiTor) but still a little is said about them.

Typical for 5900nu is "040205150017000E000707030403", witch somewhat very closely resemble what I see in NiBiTor and it is not even reversed...?

040205150017000E000707030403 - 5900nu
0404070705000A00120010050304 - 5200

But how it is divided? And what do the divisions stand for?
I want to loosen them a little bit more for a test...
There is nothing in my guide on modding 59xxx bioses that you can use with a 5200 !

The FX5200 is one of those weird vga cards which has only one operating mode, with core/memory volts, speeds, and timings fixed into the card's booting processes. It is a cheap card with few parameter tables that was never meant for tweaking by manufacturers or anybody else ?

So forget what NiBitor shows for timings, as it is unreliable and therefore is unlikely to help with increasing memory overclocks !

If you want to achieve better memory overclocks, then search the different forums for hard mods on increasing memory volts. Regardless of default memory timings, increasing memory volts is always a good way to improve on default memory overclocks!


Just for interest, does NiBiTor show correct Core/Memory speeds for your FX5200. And when you use NiBiTor to change the Bios's default speeds, does Rivatuner, etc, show that they have changed in line with your newly flashed bios changes ?
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