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Default Re: 3DMark performance difference in Vista

Originally Posted by DMx
I don't find it funny one bit. The reason I love XP is because it is Microsoft's best OS to date and that all the alternatives (Linux, etc) are not as widely supported by 3rd parties as Microsoft is.

If Linux was more widely supported I would gladly adopt it, no crashes, better performance from my Graphics Card.

THAT is the reason I love XP and hate Microsoft.
Um... no. If that were the case linux would be number one if not atleast very competitive in the enthusiast gaming crowd. You might get better performance in OpenGL games- but very few at that. Linux has a very small game base, and it is horrible with DX based games. From a gamers' perspective Linux sucks all the way around. For the enthusiast that doesn't game much, Linux kicks-@$$. Me, I love kubuntu- but I also love Vista far more.

Let me know how well Crysis runs on Linux once it comes out...
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