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Default Re: 3DMark performance difference in Vista

Originally Posted by Demon_82
Linux has been out for years and has been suffering slight modifications, knowing that it has a lesser software base and that it needs to conserve it. Windows isn't the same OS every time it changes name, and they know that for most of the time, the other software developers will adapt their products to the changes made to Windows from version to version. And if you look back, every new windows verison ahs been slower than the previous one in it's first year at last. I don't see what's the trouble this time... I've been running it since december and I got about a 10% of the troubles I was having with XP in the same time. It's not that bad, as it's neither perfect.
Not to mention Vista is also faster for day to day functions. It only becomes "slower" when gaming. And even then it is by just a few FPS.
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