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I've been playing LOTRO for 3 or 4 days now, and I'm hooked. I'm a WoW refugee (most of the players are) and I was trying not to get sucked into another game that will steal 2 years of my life, but alas...

The graphics are really nice, with the day/night cycles being only 4 hours or so, you get to see some pretty sunsets. Lots of nice trees and the water is gorgeous. It's really immersive and soothing with the pleasant music. It's like an online Ren-fest.

The classes kinda suck. I was hard pressed to choose one, but i went with hunter because they kill stuff fast. The hunter is pretty much exactly the same as the WOW hunter, but without a pet. And theres no skill trees to differentiate players in the same class. So a hunter is a hunter...etc.

The quests are well done and theres a whole EPIC story line quest that runs through the entire game, broken into chapters with video cutscenes for some of them. The story lines are better than WOW and theres a weird screen warping flash effect whenever you go near some major event. And there are story specific Instances that can be soloed, but not repeated.

The world design is Tolkien to a T. I looked up some of the locations and names in a Tolkien Companion book and everything is exactly how it is described in the books. Turbine did their homework.

Overall, its not as wacky fun as WOW, missing Blizzard's sense of humor. There's no pop culture references or funny quest names. There's no voice emotes or /silly stuff. There is, however, lots of Tolkien if you are into that. You can smoke a pipe and play music on your lute. But everything else is exactly WOW. They stole almost everything in the UI and gameplay from Blizzard.

It does have it's faults and I wouldnt call it a WOW killer. But it's a new game, and if you're burned out on the WOW raiding endgame and looking to explore a new world, this is the place to do it. Very soloable and good immersive quests with a beautifully crafted gameworld. And they are adding new content every few months, so it's growing.

It does have a problem with memory leakage, especially with VISTA. The game will crash after a while if you have the textures set too high. They say they are looking into the problem...hehe sure.

Oh, and there's NO FISHING?! You can't have a MMORPG without fishing. It's standard for these games.

I think I'll stick with it for a while, at least till my free months up. There's not much else exciting on the gaming horizon for the next few months anyhow.
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