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Default Re: FC6 on Dell XPS710 H2C - OS "loses" hard drives

Originally Posted by netllama
The lines that reference bad sectors. Just search on sector, and you'll find loads of them. Also, you're using DMRAID, not NVIDIA RAID.
There are lines listing I/O errors on both sda and sdb. There's no way both drives have bad sectors - this is a brand new machine. I'll run hard drive diagnostics over night and let you know tomorrow, but I've got $10 that says those errors are a result of something else - the controller maybe.

So, questions: can I get debug information from dmraid? And my problem sounds a lot like this guy's issue including the reference to USB errors (my log shows issues with USB too). I'm also running a similar kernel -

So, with that in mind, any other information I can collect which may help?

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