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Default Re: 1080i Resolution unused by nvidia-auto-select on 60-inch HDTV, [ Sony KDS-R60XBR1

Originally Posted by rerushg
Don't know if you've been keeping up with this thread and others like it. If you read back through you should find enough info to get up and running in 1080i. You just need a proper modeline and the right options in xorg.conf (especially the novertrefreshcheck).
Frankly, I wish I had a native 720p tube. I just think a "p" scan is a clearer display as a computer monitor since "i" will inherently have some flicker. Then consider that when you put 1080i on a native 720p set you're asking the TV to operate outside its design for best performance When you get 1080i up and running I'd be curious to hear how you feel about this.

Hi rerushg,

I'm still checking in on this thread from time to time. I'm still in the "no working 1080i mode" camp. I don't know if it is Sony-only or CRT-only, but I have the situation where the EDID-reported 1080i mode gets stretched 2x vertically by the nvidia driver. And no amount of modeline tweaking that I've done has produced anything that my TV can sync to. For a computer desktop and DVDs, I'm totally happy w/ 720p. But when the content itdelf is interlaced (eg, 1080i) the conversion to progressive leaves de-interlacing artifacts, whereas the 1080i display looks much nicer.

I messed around w/ HD1080i TV-out over component cables, but for a desktop its pretty sucky (lots of flicker). Havent' tried to watch video that way tho. I'm waiting on a wireless keyboard, so I can use my (short) component cables and watch from my couch.
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