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my system is: ASUS A7N8X deluxe with a TNT2 M64 card
and a LG FLATRON 775ft monitor

the HW is ok, since with suse 8.1 and 4349.rpm driver it works

installing 4363 on suse 8.2 the installer says that installation is ok,
but turning to nvidia I got blank screen and system must be rebooted

from fail saving boot seems to work, but the
(EE) [GLX]: Failed to add GLX extension (NVIDIA XFree86 driver not found)
is present when I turn X off; anyway if I accpet that configuration normal boot fails

a check of /proc/driver/nvidia/status shows that the path /nvidia/status
is not present: is it really important?

if so, it is possible simply to add it?

all files as described by the nvidia docs are present

the old XF86Config that work with suse 8.1 fails, furthemore suse 8.1 does not
recognize my monitor, but I can exit from test in Sax2 with the sequence:
left arrow
but with 8.2 it does not work, I have to reboot!!

does anyone have a complete test to verify what is missing?
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