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Default Re: 1080i Resolution unused by nvidia-auto-select on Tatung 32 inch HDTV

Hey, ppl!

I've recently got a 32" HDTV (Tatung manufacturer). It supports 1080i as well (though with scaling only, as it is of native resolution 1366x768).

I have problems too with enabling 1080i under Linux with my nvidia 8800GTS. Under Windows it works fine with the nvidia driver for my videocard. Now under Linux ddc says it has only valid modes 640x480 and 1240x720. So definitely I cannot set YET the desired resolution 1080i. Well I will try to mess with modelines suggested in this thread, but it would be pretty cool to have it fixed in auto-mode-detection of the driver.

I will post later to this thread a bug report...

Now the question is, how / with what software can I get modelines out of the videocard under Windows, so that i can tell what to use under Linux? Thanks.
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