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Default Re: Backing up HD-DVD/BLU-RAY

My reason for wanting to BACKUP my hd-dvd's and blu ray disks is simple.....firstly, my monitor even though i only purchased it 2 months ago IS NOT HDCP compatible.

So for me to watch hd and blu ray on my PC i have to remove the protection.

Nothing cheap about it as i buy the original disk and then back it up.
For now my hard disk will have to do as im not keen on paying almost 600quid for a blu ray writer and seeing as it only takes 5 min to back up then removing the files once i have seen the film i wish to see, is not a problem.

Secondly as everything else here in the UK is alomst twice as expensive as the American product i like to make sure that my 40 quid ($80) for my disk doesnt get scratched etc.

And pirating is actualy making reproductions and then selling them on..not backing up.

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