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Originally Posted by |MaguS|
So now that I have Vista up and Running what are some recommend tweaks and features I should use... I really haven't messed much with the OS.

BTW Why wont the games folder locate HL2, it found HL2:Ep1 but not the original, nor did it find Dark Messiah.
Exactly what i was thinking to asked about and YES I know all about the tweakguide but it could be great to know what you all guys do after a fresh install to tweak it up a little

I just sat up Vista the other day for my new comp and it feels really awsome but some performence tweaks are allways welcome, so come on guys tweaks please ?

BTW! The first thing I did was disable indexing for my drives as i have seen most do that but thats its and then with some patience later on some services will of course go off
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