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Default Re: Kentsfield/Quad-Core Overclocking Thread

Ok guys Now that I'm a Q6600 owner, I guess it's time to take part in this thread! Right now I'm overclocked to 3.2 GHz (355x9) at stock voltage (1.3V?).

I have a few questions though. What is the most accurate way of measuring temps? Right now I've got the demo of everest running and it's telling me the following:

CPU = 35C
Core 1 = 46C
Core 2 = 45C
Core 3 = 38C
Core 4 = 42C

So what is correct? Running two instances of Orthos (in small fft mode) results in temps getting up to about 60 on all cores. And what is a safe temp for these things to run at? When should I start worrying about overheating? I know they have thermal throttling and all that....but what is a safe temp to run at?

And should I disable the feature where the processor drops the multiplier to 6 rather than 9 when it's not being used? Does it affect overclocking? What is this feature called and how do I turn it off? I can't find it in the bios....

So far I'm loving this thing. It's soooo much faster than my Opty 175 was.

Thanks guys!
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