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Default 9755 hangs computer


I'm trying to install build 9755 on FreeBSD-6.2 for Quadro FX 550, it hangs right after starting X. I managed to scrap logs from raw /var partition (got to single-user mode, cat /dev/ad4s1f | strings | grep NVIDIA, before running fsck , just in case this helps anyone), so the Xorg.0.log log file is a mess, but I hope it contains useful information: .

Also, dmesg and xorg.conf .

I also checked for shared irqs and indeed, judging from the dmesg, GPU and other devices share irq 16. I tried to disable the network and audio cards (didn't help) but I cannot disable the PCI-PCI bridge, and neither can find where to reassign irqs in BIOS.

I don't really know what to try next at this point. Any ideas?
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